Cadillac Tax to be Pushed Back by Another Two Years

Lawmakers are looking to delay several parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would increase taxes, within the new Ominius Budget deal.  Included in this agreement is the delay of the Cadillac Tax.  This agreement was passed and later signed by President Obama last week, pushing back the tax on high premium insurance plans for two more years. Business Benefits has many concerns about the Cadillac Tax. One of our primary concerns is that the law as administered, taxes plans based upon premiums allocated. Plan benefits are only one element of employer premiums. Factors such as employee age, gender, family size, past and anticipated health utilization, and geography all contribute to employer premiums. Basing this tax strictly upon costs will, in many cases,  penalize the very employers and employees who are paying the heaviest tab within our current health care system.