Employer Wellness Initiatives

Are you interested in creating a healthier work environment?  The outcomes from an effective wellness program can be immense!  Wellness Programs: reduce stress and time off work, increase efficiency and positivity in the workplace, create a safer and healthier work environment, and positively impact employee health. In addition to all of these benefits, wellness programs reduce premium costs. Whether you want to learn more about built-in carrier wellness programs start or enhance in-house initiatives, or need help developing a more complex long-term program, your Business Benefits team has the resources to help you. One such resource is our partnership with Integrated Corporate Wellness Solutions (ICWS).  Your Business Benefits team and ICWS provide you with the following wellness tools:

  • health risk assessments with aggregate reporting
  • online wellness portal access
  • biometric screenings
  • health and lifestyle coaching
  • health and wellness challenges and activities
  • integrated condition management programs
  • occupational health services
  • onsite and near-site health clinic centers

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