Billing and Enrollment Services

Your Business Benefits team is here to relieve you of much of your administrative burden related to offering an employee benefit package. Regardless of whether assistance is needed for open enrollment, new hires, or changes that may happen throughout the year, we will work with you to have employees complete their enrollment elections. Once all the necessary information is received, we process the enrollments online with each of the insurers on your behalf. If you have a benefits administration system, we may be able to coordinate meetings to setup an electronic data interface (EDI) between your system and the insurance companies. Carrier billing errors can be one of the more complicated things that you may deal with when managing your benefit package. Your Business Benefits team is here to aid you in cutting through the red tape needed to correct billing errors. It is important to review your monthly invoices regularly, so that we may intervene as soon as possible if there is an error. We will reach out to the insurance carriers on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about the issue. When appropriate, we will also provide a complete audit of your invoice and work with the carriers to ensure all enrollment and premium corrections are completed. If you think you would benefit from having an online enrollment system to make process more efficient for your company, you may review our benefits administration technology page.

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