NAHU Washington Update 5/21/2021

NAHU Washington Update 5/21/2021
Compliance Now: IRS Releases Long-Awaited COBRA-Subsidy Guidance
It is possible to become an AEI more than once. For example, suppose a person qualifies as an AEI due to an involuntary termination and elects subsidized coverage on April 1, 2021. On June 1, 2021, this individual loses AEI status due to eligibility for… Read More
Congressional Committees Hold Hearings on Telehealth, Drug Prices and More
The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing Wednesday to examine healthcare flexibilities prompted by the pandemic. Members of Congress asked about… Read More
House Passes over a Dozen Mental Health and Suicide-Prevention Bills
The House passed 13 bills on a bipartisan basis last week, all of which are aimed at improving access to mental and behavioral health and addiction-treatment services. The pieces of legislation include provisions that… Read More
State Spotlight: Colorado’s Watered-down Public-Option Bill Passes House and Senate Subcommittee
This new study, commissioned by the coalition Realities of Single Payer, is yet another blow to supporters of single payer, reporting that the elimination of private insurance in New York would result in a loss of 58,092 jobs in the finance and insurance sectors, including… Read More