Introducing Business Benefits Insurance Marketplace

Introducing Business Benefits Insurance Marketplace

By now most everyone in the U.S. is aware they must sign up for health coverage that meets new minimum standards according to the Affordable Care Act by January 1, 2014.  (Open Enrollment begins on October 1, 2013.)  Seniors enrolled in Medicare will keep their current coverage and enjoy the same benefits and security as they do today.  Employees eligible for coverage through their employer will most often find this coverage to be their best option when factoring in employer contributions and the tax advantage of payroll deducting their portion of insurance premium.  All others must sign up for individual coverage or pay a tax penalty.  Insurance exchanges, like the government Health Insurance Marketplace, established by the ACA, will be the primary method for individuals to sign up for coverage.  For more information about specifics of the government marketplace click here.

Business Benefits Insurance Solutions introduces a private insurance exchange, Business Benefits Insurance Marketplace.  Our online tool can assist all individuals compare plans, run quotes, evaluate opportunity for federal tax subsidies, and sign up for coverage with all major insurance carriers either through government marketplace or directly with the private carriers.  When using our private insurance exchange to evaluate your options and signup for coverage, you will have the team from Business Benefits Insurance Solutions assigned to your account and our personal services available to you and your dependents.

  • If you are an employer, when you communicate to your employees about the government Health Insurance Marketplace, you may also want to share a link to the Business Benefits Insurance Marketplace with your employees.
  • If you know family members or friends that are in need of signing up for new health insurance coverage because of the new ACA mandates that begin January 1, 2014, please share the link to Business Benefits Insurance Marketplace.

Business Benefits Insurance Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to assist you and your loved ones through all the changes in the health insurance industry.  You can be sure that we are committed to providing professional customer service with the personal touch and attention that only comes with a local family business.

Remember Open Enrollment for new individual insurance begins October 1, 2014!