Anthem to Purchase Cigna Corporation

Another rumored major health carrier agreement has unfolded just following the recent buy-out agreement of Aetna for Humana.  After several long weeks of deal making, Anthem finally agreed to pay 54.2 billion dollars for Cigna Corporation on July 24th, becoming the nation’s largest insurer.  Due to these two major agreements that took place in the past couple months, the publicly-traded health insurance options have dropped from 5 to 3.  The new agreement will allow Anthem-Cigna (53 million memberships) to pass United Healthcare (46 million memberships) ending with Aetna-Humana (33 million memberships).  Anthem’s current CEO, Joe Swedish, will become CEO and chairman of the combined company, while Cigna CEO, David Cordani, will become president and COO.  Cordani and 4 other Cigna directors will receive seats on a larger member board of 14 people, with Anthem holding the other 9 seats.  To read more, here is the article from Better Healthcare Together at