Activities of Daily Living


  • Bathing - the ability to wash yourself either in the tub or shower or by sponge bath with or without equipment or adaptive devices
  • Dressing - the ability to put on and take off all garments and medically necessary braces or artificial limbs usually worn
  • Toileting - the ability to get to and from and on and off the toilet, to maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene, and to care for clothing
  • Transferring - the ability to move in and out of a chair or bed with or without equipment such as canes, quad canes, walkers, crutches or grab bars or other support devices including mechanical or motorized devices
  • Continence - the ability to either voluntarily control bowel and bladder function or if incontinent, be able to maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene
  • Eating - the ability to get nourishment into the body

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