Why Business Benefits?

Superior Customer Service

Our unique approach to customer service stems from our combined sales and account management process. Our sales people are members of your account management team. Our sales people do not simply “sell” an employer on our agency and then pass the work off to others for implementation. Our team will work with you year round, every year, making sure that your concerns and issues get immediate and complete attention. Our approach provides you continuity and maximum efficiency.

We will provide exemplary customer service emphasizing:

  • Long-term planning to help protect your financial stability and strategically preparing for future trends in insurance costs.
  • Regular plan review to ensure your employee benefits are appropriate and competitive in the marketplace.
  • Administrative support relative to every aspect of insurance carrier interaction.
  • We resolve issues regarding: billing, eligibility and enrollment, and claims, allowing you to focus on your own priorities.
  • Wellness program coordination, which results in improved health awareness and reduction in claims utilization.
  • Customized communication materials, giving employees clear understanding of their benefits and how to best use their plans.
  • Employee education through communication, meetings, and health fairs. We have a comprehensive understanding of health care reform, consumer-driven health plans and approaches, and know how to assist employees with transitions whenever necessary.
  • Personal and confidential assistance for clients who struggle with claims and/or coverage concerns through our Patient Advocacy Department.
  • Individual insurance or supplemental Medicare and Part D coverage for those who may have exhausted COBRA or are recently retired.

See Scope of Services.