Health Care Reform

Insurance Industry Experts - Ask Us How Health Care Reform Impacts You

We pride ourselves on helping our clients stay up to date with the latest changes in insurance law, trends, and employer compliance. The Affordable Care Act is an example of a very far-reaching change that can impact you differently whether you are a large or small employer, sole-proprietor, individual, employee, or Medicare or Medicaid eligible. Business Benefits Insurance Solutions can help you understand and prepare for the changes while helping you be positioned for the best outcomes.

Business Benefits Insurance Solutions can help you limit your financial exposure by suggesting key employment practices and benefit strategies while exploring all avenues of coverage whether individual or group and public or private exchanges.

Business Benefits Insurance Solutions is recognized as the region’s premier expert on Health Care Reform. Whether researching and developing reform compliance tools and timelines, educating the media or the public at forums, or lobbying on behalf of employers in Frankfort and Washington D.C., clients can be sure they are getting the information they need from Business Benefits.