Public Employers

Business Benefits takes its wealth of experience and knowledge, identifies the best practices of the hundreds of employers it works with, and designs and implements the plans that meet the unique needs of each public, governmental, and quasi-governmental employer.

The high ranking Business Benefits has with each of the carriers translates to real value for our public employers and their employees. It allows us:

  • Access to the highest level of management in virtually every department of the insurers;
  • Greater access and leverage in negotiating fair premiums for our clients;
  • To help design cutting edge plan designs and benefit packages with the carriers;
  • Greater ability to address all of your customer service and patient advocacy needs in a timely and accurate manner.

Business Benefits recognizes that the needs of public and governmental employers are not always the same as those of private employers, just as the needs of one public employer is not the same as the needs of another. The advantage that Business Benefits brings to public employers is that it has a wealth of knowledge and access to best practices of employers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds (both private and governmental in nature).