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The Affordable Care Act requires that all fully-insured employers with fewer than 50 employees, which provide group health insurance, provide plans that are subject to community rating by 2014, and that all employers with fewer than 100 employees, which provide group health insurance, provide community rated plans by their 2016 renewal. Community rated plans do not consider traditional risk factors such as employee gender, health status and occupation in determining prem... Read more
Beginning January 1, 2016 the federal law requires that small group health plans, subject to community rating, are defined as 2-100 employees as stated in the Affordable Care Act.  This expansion of the small group market is significant for fully insured groups with 50-100 employees who up until now (in KY, OH, and IN) have been treated under insurance carriers’ large group underwriting rules. We believe that the vast majority of employers... Read more
Insurance companies will have the option to extend pre-Affordable Care Act plans to small employers and individuals who have pre-ACA plans in force already, for another year. This announcement was made at the request of the Obama Administration and shortly after similar decisions were made by the States of Indiana and Ohio. Read more
Last summer President Obama delayed the penalty provisions for employers with 50 or more full time equivalent employees until 2015, and in early February of 2014 the administration provided further relief for employers, postponing some penalties for some employers yet again.  The ACA mandate that US citizens and residents have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty remains in place for 2014 however, and an important deadline for compliance is quickly approaching... Read more
Business Benefits Insurance Solutions' President Jim Beatrice presented the latest strategies for enhancing employee’s benefit experience while maintaining bottom line costs, during a recent employer panel discussion offered by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Jim, pictured here, enumerated ten strategies employers should evaluate, and also educated participants about the most recent employer mandate regulations.        ... Read more
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