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Until recently, Employers have had guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor on the HIPAA nondiscrimination rules but have not known for sure if they were meeting all the requirements of the ADA and GINA concerning wellness programs. The final regulations, issued in May of 2016 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, have outlined ADA and GINA rules concerning required notices and maximum incentives making them effective as of the first day of the first p... Read more
On April 16th the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, released long awaited proposed rules on how the Americans with Disability Act, ADA, apply to employer wellness programs.  Although there are some differences with the HIPAA regulations on employer based wellness programs, the proposed rules indicate the EEOC’s intent to provide some consistency with the HIPAA rules which prohibit health plans from discriminating against individuals based on a &ld... Read more
Humana recently released the findings of a study, HumanaVitality Health Claims and Productivity Impact Study of Humana, based on their employees' participation in HumanaVitality. The study found that a wellness program based on measurable data has a direct effect on improving employees lifestyles as well as having a positive impact on workplace productivity. The study had 3 major findings: Read more
April is March for Babies month. The mission of the March for Dimes March for Babies is to help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies. Each year more that 450,000 babies are born premature. In 2013 Kentucky and Ohio received a C on their premature birth report card meaning they have a premature birth rate of more than 12%. Read more
It's National Nutrition MonthWhen taste is the most influential factor driving what we eat it’s important to find a balance between the foods we love and the foods that are good for us. Here are some quick tips to help us understand the 2010 Dietary Guidelines. Read more
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