Entries for June 2018

The IRS recently released Notice 2018-17 that permits small employers to claim the small business tax credit for non-marketplace coverage if there are no options available on the small business health options (SHOP) marketplace. The notice applies for 2017 and beyond and verifies that the employer's plan must meet the requirements for the tax credit in place prior to 2014. Business Benefits has been advocating for this change for several years. The tax credit ... Read more
Once again CMS and HHS will allow small employers and individual health plans another year extension of transitional (grand-mothered) coverage.  Transitional relief allows employers to continue to use their health plans that don't meet requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  If employers switch carriers or switch to a community rated plan, their transitional relief ends and they can no longer use their previous plan.  The new CMS extension allows transi... Read more