Entries for January 2016

On December 16, 2015 the IRS released IRS Notice 2015-87 providing guidance on the employer-provided health coverage affordability test.  The ACA provides that an individual may be eligible for a premium tax credit for coverage on the exchange if the cost of the plan exceeds 9.5% (adjusted annually) of the household income.  The 2015 household income threshold percentage for Marketplace coverage is 9.56%.  In 2016 the household income threshold is 9.66%. &... Read more
With the signing of the Budget Act of 2015, Congress included a repeal of the Automatic Enrollment provision of the Affordable Care Act.  The Automatic Enrollment provision required employers with 200 full-time employees or more to automatically enroll new full-time employees and automatically continue existing elections for current full-time employees from year-to-year in one of the employer’s health benefit plans, if he or she did not actively waive coverage... Read more