Entries for April 2014

Humana recently released the findings of a study, HumanaVitality Health Claims and Productivity Impact Study of Humana, based on their employees' participation in HumanaVitality. The study found that a wellness program based on measurable data has a direct effect on improving employees lifestyles as well as having a positive impact on workplace productivity. The study had 3 major findings: Read more
Here is something to take into consideration when choosing what to eat. Read more
New HSA limits were released by IRS for 2015. Contribution Limits:           Single - $3,350   Family - $6,650  (Catchup contributions +$1,000) Deductible Minimums:       Single - $1,300   Family - $2,600 Maximum Out-of-Pockets: Single - $6,450   Family - $12,900     Read more
Consumer Reports published an article dated January 27, 2014, where the question was posed, "If I enroll in the new expanded Medicaid program, when I die and try to leave something to my kids, can the government attach those assets to repay the benefits I received?". Read more
President Obama signed into law on April 1, 2014, the Protecting Access to Medicare Act. Section 213 of the law eliminates the deductible limit for small group health plans. Read more
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